What is Augmented Reality

Today we will talk about augmented reality. It is a technology that uses the displays of various devices to add information to what we see.

What is it?

This system acquires a scenario through a video camera and, through algorithms, shows more information about it on the screen. For example, you can frame a television with your smartphone, and information such as price, where to buy the television and technical characteristics can appear on the display. 

Augmented reality is also used for some games such as Pokemon go, in some cases special helmets and glasses are used.

Examples of Augmented Reality


In 2015, Disney developed technology that made characters in a coloring book come to life as they were colored. This is one of the examples of how augmented reality can be integrated into a fun activity. 

Here is the video 


L’Oreal, in partnership with Perfect Crop, have integrated the makeup with the YouCam Makeup app. The aim is to meet the needs of consumers, allowing them to try on makeup by looking in an app. 

In fact, thanks to these apps you can often try and buy products directly. 


IKEA, thanks to its IKEA place app, allows you to choose any piece of furniture from the catalog and see it as it would look in your home. 

Pokemon Go

You could not fail to mention Pokemon Go. This app has been a big hit for a long time and allows you to catch pokemon while walking. Pokemon appear on the screen as you walk. 

How AR can be useful in business

Try before you buy: Augmented reality can help the consumer to try a product before buying it, without leaving home. You can use apps that allow customers to try on a dress without leaving home, or place tablets in the store to allow customers to “try on” what they want. The same concept applies to many areas, for example, when building a house, augmented reality can be used to show customers what the house will look like.

Increase the interaction with the brand: Thanks to augmented reality, customers will feel closer to the brand and will have much more desire to interact and to return to buy.

Explanation of complicated concepts: Sometimes it is difficult to explain certain concepts to clients, for example when building a house it can be difficult to explain to the client how it will come in the end. Augmented reality helps a lot in this, as it allows the customer to see the final result with his own eyes.

Training: Bringing AR technology into a classroom can make education more engaging, interactive, and make even the most boring subject fun. By downloading and accessing the apps on their phones, students can get more detailed information and instructions and, most importantly, a better understanding of the topic.

Augmented reality is a big step forward in technology and, when leveraged, can lead a business to take a step forward. 

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