Top 5 technologies in the software development world

New technologies and gadgets are spread at a terrifying pace. But not always it has been like this. Today we would like to talk more about what technologies, that are shaping the software development industry. Emerged technologies revolutionized the industry in the last decade, and here are our Top 5 technologies:


Being the only programming language to run in web browsers, it keeps improving over time. JavaScript is a provider of a path for front-end developers, that helps them to become full-stack developers. Mainly JavaScript is improved by developers, who load its applications with more capabilities and interactions than before. JavaScript has a great advantage – it has reliable execution environment. This is what makes this technology widely used, and constantly improved.


According to the TIOBE Programming Community Index, Python is one of the top programming languages in 2019 and is not going to lose its positions. Python is used for desktop GUI applications, website and web applications. By having quite simple syntax rules, Python makes it easier to keep the code readable and the application maintainable.


ReactJS is considered as one of the best JavaScript framework candidates. Its main strength is to offer help in building software that operates at scale. ReactJS helps teams of developers to clarify how they can work together and build some reusable components, and make them easier to maintain.


The more data appears in the tech world, the more vulnerable it may get. Cyberattacks have managed to bring down companies and destroy careers. One of the key tasks of any software developer to make sure the product, they create is secure and protected from any malicious attacks. This is why all the security measures are treated seriously and companies are investing actively to protect their data.


Internet of Things is one of the important technologies, that are shaping our future now. Today, IoT devices are Wi-Fi-powered, programmable, not at a high cost, and useful. Developing this technology can help us solve our customers’ problems, and be implemented in UX/UI designs to make them up-to-date.

There is still a lot to be discovered among new, emerging technologies, that are constantly changing the software development industry. Here, in Artecha, we keep learning new ways how to provide our customers with best and modern solutions.

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