Work on Talent Acquisition

Artecha serves the market of Data Management with a Managed Service approach focusing on Engineers and Data Scientists skilled in building data platforms, managing data processes, establishing data governance, analyzing unstructured data, building models and deploying algorithms.

We provide cutting edge recruitment solutions for fast paced projects, allowing clients to access into the largest database of consultants available made of experienced data engineers and data scientists from dedicated locations. The benefit of our approach is to be:

  • Quality oriented with a database consisting of handpicked highly skilled and well-experienced passive candidates.
  • Our team of consultants focusing on a specific market or niche technologies to ensure we can truly understand our clients and candidates, allowing us to provide unrivalled knowledge relevant to their requirements. We’ve built our reputation on strong networks and we believe in open communication.
  • Agile with a better prioritization of the hiring projects using MoSCoW analysis which massively reduce the length of the process.
  • Time conscious with technical screening performed prior submitting the CV to the clients.
  • Candidate focused with a platform offering useful resources support.


Work on Co-sourcing

With the co-sourcing model clients retain in-house knowledge and control, while gaining expert resources to help them complete and maintain their projects and systems. Staff augmentation helps our clients keeping the agility required to address their business needs, while achieving real-time cost management of their resourcing budgets. Artecha offers both on-site and remote cost-effective data solutions to augment client’s IT resources.

Our service coverage is not limited geographically or by premise but designed to support organisations needs regardless of the location. Our data specialists follow a rigorous management methodology to ensure that best practices are followed; to optimize customer and management satisfaction, to minimize risk and ensure the highest standards of quality are met:

  • Our professionals help clients gain the full benefits of staff augmentation through sharing of leading practices gained with the largest global organization in complex IT data projects.
  • Our business model is based on making sure that our engineers have the ability to quickly address the issues and make proper solutions. We believe that having a trained staff is important and we make sure our professionals’ qualifications are in line with the latest requirements:
  • Our most junior engineers have 2-3 years of experience.

    85% of Artecha engineers have one or more Cloud certifications.

    95% of Artecha engineers know more than 1 programming language.

    Our management conducts regular progress reviews to ensure quality and resolve problems quickly.


Work on Data Engineering Roles

Data Engineering can be broken into multiple roles across cloud architects, cloud software engineers, cloud security engineers, cloud network engineers, business analysts and project managers.

We co-source Data Engineers to perform various projects types:

  • Completing ETL (Extract Transform Load) cycles
  • Building data pipelines
  • Leading Data Transformation solutions over the cloud platforms
  • Managing high volumes of data
  • Executing data migration and cloud computing
  • Managing Data Warehouse tasks with the help of MapReduce to monitor and troubleshoot any performance issues in data warehouse servers.

Our Cloud specialists are responsible for all the technological duties associated with the project including design, planning, management and support.


Work on Data Analytics Roles

Data Analyst’s objective is to analyze data from multiple sources, transform it and find meaningful information that can add value to clients’ businesses.
We co-source Data Analysts to perform various projects types:

  • Deploying Business Intelligence projects including the design and implementation of PowerBI and Tableau reporting tools.
  • Designing Dashboarding and Big Data Analytics on the data gathered.
  • Project Managing Big Data and Data Mining with the objective to turn raw data into useful information and agile decision-making processes.


Work on Data Science Roles

Data Scientists analyse, process and model data (with algorithms) then interpret the results (with automated solutions) to create actionable plans for companies and organizations.

We co-source Data Scientists and Developers to perform Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects proficient in the use of different data modelling tools:

  • TensorFlow
  • PyTorch
  • Spark
  • GPT3
  • Bert

Both Scientists and Developers have a strong experience with data analysis methods and high-performance algorithms with proven ability to drive business results with their data-based insights.