Progressive Web Apps: Why does your business need it right now

It’s amazing how quickly technology changes. Yesterday, everyone was amazed at the rapid development of native mobile applications, and today we are witnessing a new evolution.
Let`s talk about Progressive Web App technology which was announced by Google in 2015, but becoming a popular trend nowadays.

This is a technology that adds application functionality to the site. In the desktop browser, the progressive web app. And when it comes to a mobile browser, it’s PWA turns into a mobile browser.

Progressive Web App is very easy to detect, just like a regular website – just google it, click on the link to open it, and everything, you have an application on your device, ready to be shown.
The user enters the site and gets an offer to add it to the main screen. If the user accepts the offer, the site icon instantly appears on the screen of the mobile device.
After installation, PWA creates a site cache. This solves two problems: it increases download speed and makes the site available offline. That is, thanks to PWA technology, the site can be used even without an internet connection.

Important: the functionality of a progressive web application does not interfere with using the site in the usual way.

The advantage of PWAs over mobile apps is that they consume much less data. While native apps reside in the user’s phone, PWAs are only accessed when users go to the website—the only time when data is used.
Another advantage of Progressive Web App is that any page or screen on your PWA can have its own shareable direct link.
The feature of pushing notifications allow users to get timely updates from sites they love, enabling you to effectively re-engage users with customized content.

Why should business use progressive web apps?

This technology benefits both customers and users. Such an application can be developed several times cheaper and faster than the native one, which opens up many new opportunities for small companies.

PWA helps businesses:

  • Get to the user’s mobile device bypassing Google Play and other app stores. 
  • Make the site available offline. This even works for online stores, but information about executed deals “flies” into the store when the user has an internet connection. 
  • Increase website loading speed on mobile devices. 
  • Send notifications to users. 

Implementing PWA gives measurable results

Here are some examples: 
The image search platform uses PWA. The results were spectacular: the number of active users increased by 103% over the week, the number of new subscribers increased by 843%.

Thanks to technology, Tinder has reduced page load times from 11.9 seconds to 4.69 seconds. PWA Tinder is 90% easier than their native application. 

PWA Uber weighs almost nothing and loads in 3 seconds even in 2G networks.

And there are many such examples. Soon, the presence of PWA will be simply necessary for any serious business, and the absence will be perceived as a significant drawback. Contact Artecha (Art & Tech) in order to create your Progressive Web App and help your business to keep up with tech trends.

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