Payment Systems for Mobile Apps

With New Digital Payment we mean the set of digital payments made through the use of innovative technologies. These can be further classified based on the purchase situation and on the type of device used.

This category includes payments made via smartphones which are further classified into:

Mobile Remote Payment: mainly used for online purchases and for P2P exchange via mobile site or mobile app and which require payment by debit card, telephone credit, or e-wallet.

Mobile Proximity Payment: mainly used for in-store payment which requires a debit on a payment card, e-wallet, or directly on the bank account, thanks to technologies such as contactless credit cards, payment via smartphone or QR code.

In recent years, the use of digital payment methods in Italy and Europe has been growing rapidly, also thanks to the increase in consumer confidence in this type of payment method. 

Below we have compiled a list of the most used payment apps


Stripe is a perfect platform for all those who want to create a marketplace, accept payments, or just want to create invoices for customers. 

The payment options are designed to reach a global audience, in addition, Stripe is a constantly evolving platform with new technologies also in terms of security.

2. Square 

Square, in addition to accepting online payments, also becomes a POS for payments in person, in fact, you can buy their hardware for in-store payments from the site. The big advantage of Square is that the configuration is very simple, all you need to get started is in your dashboard. 

3. PayPal

Paypal is one of the most popular payment systems, which allows you to store credit card and bank account data on secure servers, so you never have to share this information with anyone else. 

PayPal offers various types of accounts, if you have a marketplace the account you are interested in is the Business. It allows you, among other things, to have multi-user access and to have various tools for merchants.

4. Apple wallet

Apple pay accepts various credit cards depending on the geographical area in which you are located. In order to accept Apple Pay, you must already have a POS enabled for contactless partnerships

. Transactions with Apple Pay are safe as it uses a specific device number and a unique transaction code.

You can integrate this payment system into your apps, website, and business chat.

5. Paymill

Paymill is perhaps the least known on this list, but it is still very good.

Paymill is available worldwide and accepts different types of payment, credit cards, SEPA transfers, SOFORT, and PayPal. 

Additions can be made to accept subscriptions, and payments via mobile or web. Paymill offers three types of subscription, Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. 

The Covid-19 has forced us to change many habits, one of which is to start using paperless and cardless payment methods, therefore payments over the phone. According to an estimate, 85% of transactions are still carried out in cash, lately, things are changing, more and more shops are calling on you to pay by card or by phone. 

Cash payment is likely to end checks, The Nilsen Report talks about a 46% decrease in check usage between the year 2013 and 2018 (the study is from 2014).

Online payments are safe, trackable and much less expensive for consumers, which is why are such a great opportunity for businesses

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