Next-generation. What 5G Technology is bringing to us?

The modern mobile network now is way more than making phone calls or sending SMS. 5G network is the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on mobile devices and desktops than ever before.

5G networks are already starting to appear and are expected to be launched globally by 2020. Recently it’s speed has reached a record number of 15 Gbps in Sweden. With its low latency feature, 5G allows transmitting data in real-time without any delays. This technology is bringing vast changes to every industry. Let’s see how some of them will change.

  • Industry. 5G will increase the speed of industrial robots and will unify the whole infrastructure, that will increase overall performance.
  • Agriculture. 5G will enable remote control of the agricultural machinery and will help to monitor fields and herds.
  • Education. 5G will enable learning through VR-broadcast of the process from master’s/teacher’s point of view.
  • Medicine. 5G will let doctors from all over the world carry out remote real-time operations and gather consultation to come up with a solution for treatment.
  • Communication. With the implementation of 5G people will be able to use interactive virtual reality. Users will be able to interact remotely as if they were together in reality.
  • Entertainment. Possibility of fast wireless transmission of ultra-high-definition video ( 4k, 8k ), translations of the various events with the implementation of VR technology.

First trial 5G network was launched on 23rd of April 2018 in metropolis Chongqing, China. Since then 5G technology is being implemented in various metropolises all over the world. It is projected that by 2035 the infrastructure of 5G network will be supporting 22 mills. workplaces all over the globe.

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