Natural Language Processing changing Healthcare industry

As a technology, natural language processing has developed and came into life with products such as Siri, Alexa and Google’s voice search. Employment of NLP helped to understand and respond to user requests.

Today’s natural language processing systems can analyze unlimited amounts of text-based data without fatigue. And make the industry more efficient in a consistent and unbiased manner. NLP is an attractive way to provide the necessary clinical information. Thanks to the voice recognition system physicians will be able to dictate their reports in a usual way. Natural language processor, in it’s turn, will translate the textual report into a structured encoded form. The coded NLP system could be stored in real-time along with the original text in a clinical repository. This would enormously increase the functionality of the voice recognition system. Moreover, further advance the healthcare IT market.

natural language processing

The Healthcare IT Market is expected to be $390.7 Billion by 2024 and is growing at a faster rate than the GDP of most countries.

Thanks to NLP Processes we will have more information about the treatment of the patient. This will be crucial to attract more patients and reduce costs for hospitals. Artecha has been actively involved in providing software solutions to the health care market to further advance the research.

NLP as an Attitude

Uses a keen sense of curiosity about people and approach to others. It also considers each experience as a rare and unprecedented opportunity to learn.

NLP as methodology

is based on a way of interacting with people, that reveals a startling and revolutionary premise. Behavior, communication, and change have a structure, as does every human endeavor. In particular, a structure that we can be model, learn and teach.

NLP as a technology

with innovative, reliable and proven techniques, that allow one to organize the perceptions and behavior to get an extraordinary and ecological result.

At Artecha we curate, implement and develop sophisticated text mining applications. They help to further advance the research within the medical field. We are also actively involved in providing software solutions to the health care market. Our aim is to further advance the research process with specialized clinics and boutique dental practices in the UK.

Artecha now is more and more in the healthcare industry, so If you have any question, will help your inquiry.

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