Most popular e-commerce in 2020

The largest and most famous e-commerce are Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, Ebay, Facebook marketplace.

Amazon is perhaps the most famous e-commerce, created by Jeff Bezos on this store you can find anything. Not only products that are in Amazon warehouses, but it allows stores to have their own showcase and reach a greater audience than a simple e-commerce spread on the web.

The Shopify a Canadian company based in Ottawa, Ontario that develops and markets the e-commerce platform of the same name, the Shopify POS point of sale system and marketing tools dedicated to businesses. Shopify’s idea is to allow other entrepreneurs to sell online without programming. Shopify allows the creation of e-commerce stores without the need to know how to program. The platform offers different subscription plans according to various needs. In addition to the basic features including the simplified loading of product data sheets and the ability to accept online payments with cards, there are features that can be expanded with the apps available on the various App Stores. The shop design can be customized by downloading free or paid themes. Shopify also offers free tools and initiatives dedicated to entrepreneurs such as webinars, training courses, and networking events in the main cities of the world, the Shopify Meetups.

WooCommerce is a flexible and open-source eCommerce solution based on WordPress. WooCommerce is designed to allow store managers to manage their eCommerce website independently, without the need for intervention by web developers.

eBay inc. is the most popular online auction site in the world. To sell it is not necessary to be a professional, a private citizen can also do it and can choose between the auction mode or buy it immediately. The rules are simple, just have a PayPal account.

Facebook Marketplace, born in 2016, initially was only a section of the site where you could sell on Facebook privately by publishing lists of items for sale, and friends or group members could interact with the post if they were interested. Now allow users and businesses to sell vehicles, hire service providers, and post real estate listings. It also allows all users within 150km to view posts.

There are many, too many MarketPlace/e-commerce open to all and to be able to sell your product in the best way, it is useful to rely on companies such as Artecha that will integrate the portals and dashboards external to the various marketplaces and help the entrepreneur to choose the most suitable marketplace. How simple they will do: once the suitable marketplace has been identified, the sales performance will be optimized. 

Before relying on a specific marketplace, consider carefully the price and what is offered to you. Some marketplaces ask for a subscription, others instead ask you for a small fee for each advert or for each product sold. The advice is to evaluate what type of product you have and how much you plan to sell, before choosing.

Selling on marketplaces is, therefore, less obvious than it might seem, but the advantages are many, especially if expertly inserted in a wider web marketing strategy that leads us to grow on the web at 360 °, and Artecha can help you with this.

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