Main web development Trends in 2020

Technologies do not stand still and are constantly evolving, and what was used several years ago may already be irrelevant today, or what they could not do several years ago has already become a reality. There are more modern tools that help you create web and mobile applications faster and better. Let’s look at the latest web development trends.

PWA (Progressive Web Applications)

Progressive Web Applications combine the best from browsers, websites and mobile applications. Most brands that have switched from websites to progressive web applications and have significantly improved conversions. Therefore, PWA has every reason to remain the leading trend in 2019.

Augmented data analytics

Augmented analytics –  area of augmented intelligence which uses machine learning to automatically analyze large amounts of data, get new information from them and visualize it. Software using augmented analytics will be embedded in existing business applications of enterprises and will soon begin to help in optimizing solutions.

Push notifications

Thanks to the tremendous success they have brought to countless mobile applications, push notifications have become extremely important components of most websites. Push notifications are rapidly replacing mailing lists, as they are easier to manage for both users and developers.

Cyber Security 

IT professionals are most concerned about data leaks, data privacy breaches and privacy breaches. Most organizations are preparing to defend against an unprecedented wave of cyber attacks. As a result, cybersecurity should remain the dominant trend in web development in the near future.

Single Page Applications (SPA)

As the name implies, a single-page application is a long web page, free from complex menus and navigation. Since it is easy to work with them, they look ready to increase their popularity. With the simplicity of their design and download speed, they are gaining an increasing number of users.

Chat bots

The popularity of chat bots has increased significantly. Some bots are designed to answer basic questions, but there are others that can easily answer complex ones. Integrating the bot with the site will help generate more user traffic and make the resource attractive.

Sure enough, all these leading trends are designed to  provide more opportunities for web developers, as well as for companies and the end users. Contact Artecha (Art & Tech) to implement the latest web trends for your idea or business. 

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