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Sviluppiamo tecnologie aiutando aziende, organizzazioni
e persone ad entrare nel mondo digitale


Work on Consulenza sui rischi per la sicurezza

Artecha offre servizi di audit complessi (ad. es. COBIT) da remoto o localmente. In aggiunta i nostri ingegneri offrono consulenze aziendali con un focus tech incluso:

Analisi delle procedure aziendali e dei processi di sviluppo, adattati alla gestione del trasferimento / cambiamento, dei requisiti, alla gestione dei difetti / dei problemi, alle configurazioni

Formazione dei clienti su software personalizzato, CRM e sistemi di comunicazione (stack, gateway, protocolli, visualizzazione di sicurezza dei protocolli, ecc.)

Definizione del framework di sicurezza e le vulnerabilità dei sistemi esistenti


Work on RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the application of technology that allows employees in a company to configure computer software or a “robot” to capture and interpret existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems. Artecha provides 3 types of developments in connection of RPA:
Attended RPA: Bots invoked by the user used for customer facing functions
Unattended RPA: Bots that perform tasks in batches based on automatic/timed triggers
Hybrid RPA: A combination of both


Work on Machine Learning

Machine learning can serve as a solution to a variety of business complexities problems, and predict complex customer behaviours.

Artecha integrates machine learning for businesses to see real, measurable advantages across key business metrics, no matter the business.

We use statistical models and big data to make predictions about future customer and business behaviour. We can improve your customer experience and make business processes run more efficiently. Technology, Data, Development, Project Management and Actuarial Insight are fused to ensure clients benefit from a single AI Solution.


Work on Temporary Data roles

Our dedicated Cloud team attracts talents with extended experience in data management roles (e.g. cloud computing and data mining) within complex projects. The team possesses a genuine and unique understanding of the skills, technologies, tools and environments needed for these projects. The comprehensive knowledge of the sector allows the team to help candidates find the best opportunities and clients to find the best talents.
Our dedicated Data Science team has a deep understanding of the Data Analytics and Data Science markets and the intricacies of this growing field with a developed niche network of industry connections across Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Algos.
We provide cutting edge recruitment solutions for fast paced projects, allowing clients to access into the largest database of consultants available made of experienced data engineers and data scientists from dedicated locations. The benefit of our approach is to be:
Quality oriented with a database consisting of handpicked highly skilled and well-experienced passive candidates
Specialised with our team of consultants focusing on a specific market or niche technologies to ensure we can truly understand our clients and candidates, allowing us to provide unrivalled knowledge relevant to their requirements. We’ve built our reputation on strong networks and we believe in open communication.
Agile with a better prioritization of the hiring projects using MoSCoW analysis which massively reduce the length of the process
Time conscious with technical screening performed prior submitting the CV to the clients
Candidate focused with a platform offering useful resources support