How to write the perfect CTA

What is a CTA

A CTA or Call-To-Action is a phrase or word that encourages the reader to take a specific action. 

CTAs are used to invite people to visit your site, read an article on your blog, share content on social networks, download a document, etc … 

As you can imagine, writing a CTA that converts is very important, and it is precisely this that we will talk about in this article. 

How to write a CTA that converts 

Your target audience most likely knows something about marketing, so writing an effective CTA is more important than ever. 

But how do you write an effective call to action? 

  1. Benefits: In the CTA it must be written what kind of benefit the person acting in a certain way can have. For example, the invite to subscribe to the newsletter to receive all the blog updates. 
  2. Keep the promise: it is very important that the reader immediately receives what is described in the CTA.

An effective CTA is also made up of specific words. Let’s see what kind of words should be used:

  1. Action: As we have seen, a call to action must tell you what to do. For example “Sign up here” “read the post” etc …
  2. Scarcity: This means letting the reader understand that he has to hurry before that thing disappears. You can trigger the FOMO (Fear of missing out) with a simple countdown. 
  3. Avoid friction words: These are words that invite the reader to do something he doesn’t necessarily want to do. For example Download, Buy, Order. Nobody wants to download or buy, but everyone wants the benefits. We must focus on those. 

Where to put the CTA?

Top of page: Putting the CTA at the top of the web page attracts the reader’s attention before he starts reading your page. 

At the end of a blog post: Usually in this case the CTA invites you to share the post on social media. 

In the middle of the post: If you are talking about something relevant in the post, in the middle you can put a CTA that invites you to download something related to the topic you are talking about. 

At the end of the lead magnet: At the end of the page where you describe the lead magnet, you can put a CTA 

Design of the CTA

The important things to remember when doing your CTA are few: 

  • The button must be large enough to be seen, but it must not be too intrusive
  • Must be visible, so use colors that contrast with the page.
  • Test everything

The last point is very important. 

Testing your CTA is essential to find the one that works best for you, so test everything from the colors to the sentence to the size of the words. 

No business is the same, so the results cannot be the same for everyone.

Examples of CTA 

  • Evernote: The CTA is: Sign up. the button is on the left, well highlighted in green, there is also written what benefit you will have by registering and simplifying the work.
  • Uber: Their CTA is Sign up to drive. Uber focuses on the income that you will have once registered. Here the button is at the top of the page, clearly visible and clearly written the benefit.
  • Spotify: Spotify from two options: “Go Premium” or “Play Free”. Spotify prefers to highlight the possibility of having a premium account, that’s why there’s the “Go Premium” button is green. 
  • Instagram: Instagram focuses on downloading the app, initially it invites you to log in or register, at the bottom of the page there is an invitation to download the app.

Types of CTA 

Here are some types of CTA that you can use for your site: 

  1. Try it for free: If a person has just arrived on your site, the best thing to introduce yourself is to offer something for free. For example A pdf, an e-book or a free trial of a course.
  2. Read more: You can put it at the end of a preview of a post, so that people are sent back to the whole post on your blog. 
  3. Social Sharing: At the end of a post, you can invite people to share the content on their social networks. it is a good way to make yourself known. 
  4. Contact me or Buy now: When a lead is ready to buy, you can use a CTA that invites you to do so. You can ask to contact you for information on the product you sell, or you can write directly “buy now”. Be careful where you put this CTA, better put it at the end of a sales page or on the page where you list your products. 

The CTAs that can be used are many, it is very important to understand the benefit that the reader will have and from there you can start to find the CTA that best suits your business. Don’t stop at the technique, be creative.  

Finally, it is very important to remember to test all the CTAs, what works for someone is not said to work for someone else, so the password is to test. 

We hope this article has been helpful in clarifying some aspects of the CTA. 

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