How to Use Python

What is Python 

Python is a programming language. Its high-level integrated data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic association, make it very attractive for rapid application development. It is easy to learn, versatile, and very stable and is used for a wide range of problems. It is also suitable for most applications. 

Some areas where Python can be used are: 

  • Web and software development: Python is very easy to read and allows you to use little code compared to other languages
  • Game development: Despite being a little known thing, python can also be used for the development of the games. For example, a game developed with python is Battlefield 2. 
  • Machine Learning: Python has a huge library on machine learning, like Pandas which is constantly updated and everything is very easy to learn.

Why use Python

Here are some reasons why you should use Python.

  • Python is readable and sustainable: Thanks to Python you can develop customized applications without adding code, the readability of this code allows you to maintain and update the software without too much effort
  • Compatible with the major platforms: At the moment Python is supported by the major operating systems, and you can use the same code on multiple platforms without having to change anything. 
  • Large Library: The Python library allows you to choose from a vast amount of modules according to your specific need. 
  • Open Source Tools: Being an open-source programming language, Python allows you to significantly cut software development costs. Using the available open-source resources it is possible to shorten the development time without increasing the time. It
  • simplifies the development of complex software: Being a programming language for generic use, it can be used both for the development of desktop and web applications.

Python frameworks

A Web framework is a collection of packages or modules that allows developers to write Web applications or services without having to manage low-level details such as protocols, sockets, or process/thread management. Given the ease of reading and writing, Python is present almost everywhere, it also offers many frameworks. 

Here are some:

  • Django: Django is the most used and easy to use, it is perfect if the app you want to do is simple, because it allows you to skip some initial steps that are required with other frameworks instead.
  • Flask: Unlike Django, Flask does not carry on the philosophy of a complete package, it is more a glue among the various libraries. It is light and easy to use. 
  • Bottle: This framework is also very light and depends only on Python, it is perfect for prototyping or as a tool to learn how to use Python.
  • Pyramid: Pyramid is a framework that is best used for complex and more particular projects, unlike previous frameworks which are perfect for more standard projects.

Who uses Python

As mentioned above, python used by many companies. Here are some examples of 

  • Google: Google has supported Python from the beginning. Google’s founders initially decided to use Python where possible and C ++ where Python could not be used. This meant that C ++ was used where memory control was indispensable and low latency was desired. In other facets, Python allowed ease of maintenance and relatively fast delivery.
  • Facebook: On Facebook, Python is the third most popular language for the social media giant (right behind C ++ and their proprietary PHP dialect, Hack). On average, there are over 5,000 commitments for utilities and services on Facebook, infrastructure management, binary distribution, hardware imaging, and operational automation.

The ease of use of Python libraries means that production engineers don’t have to write or store multiple codes, allowing them to focus on real-time improvement. It also ensures that Facebook’s infrastructure is able to scale efficiently.

  • Spotify: The streaming giant is a big fan of Python, which uses language primarily for data analysis and back-end services. On the back end, there are many services that all communicate on 0MQ or ZeroMQ, an open-source network library, and a framework written in Python and C ++ (among other languages).

The reasons that made Python the most used programming language in the tech world are therefore evident and with its vast library, it is possible to develop both simple and complex Apps.

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