How To Improve UX

In today’s article, we will talk about the UX (User Experience) and why it is so important for an application.

What is the UX 

The user experience, also known as UX, is what the user experiences using the app. Therefore, when it comes to designing mobile applications, UX always has a very high priority.

The user experience includes every aspect of user interaction with the app. The idea of ​​the UX is to gain users’ trust by developing an app that is simple to use but also leaves the user satisfied.  

Why is it important? 

Have you ever downloaded an app and found that besides being aesthetically ugly, it was also difficult to use? 

That was an app built without considering the UX. 

When developing an app, there are several aspects to consider, one of which is that the app gains user trust. To do this, the app must be simple to use, fast, and running smoothly. 

An app that crashes often or that is too difficult to use will not win user trust, which is why it is very important to rely on very competent developers. 

UI what it is and why it is important to talk about it

You cannot talk about UX without mentioning UI. UI stands for User Interface, and it is the way in which the user interacts with the app, therefore it concerns all the control elements of the app (buttons, blocks etc ..)

UI and UX go hand in hand, without a pleasant and easy to use interface, the user will not have a good user experience.

Tips on how to design an app

But what are the important things to know to draw a nice app? 

  1. Uniformity: Maintaining a uniform design throughout the app is very important. The buttons must be the same as the colors for the whole app. 
  2. Fast loading: the app loading must be fast, so don’t make a too heavy design. The user wants to save time, so an app that loads slowly will not give a good UX
  3. Use familiar elements: Use elements similar to those that are used in most apps, this will help the user quickly understand how to use the ‘app. Your users don’t want to waste time understanding how an app works, so keeping a familiar design is a very important point.
  4. Interactivity: An interactive app allows you to create a deeper connection with the user. So it is much better to make it easy to navigate from one window to another.
  5. Simple and linear design: The design must remain very simple and linear, it is useless to make an app with too many elements and a particular design because it could dismiss the user who would have a bad User Experience.
  6. Search button: it is very useful to insert a search box in your app, in order to allow the user to quickly search for what he needs. 
  7. Testing: Before launching the app, test it in order to receive feedback and improve it. 

Useful Tools

  1. Sketch: With Sketch, you can make prototypes in no time, it is also equipped with many plugins that integrate without problems. Available for both teams and freelancers.
  2. InVision Studio: InVision offers a series of tools that are easy to use and that simplify communication with collaborators. The free version can be downloaded from the site.
  3. Axure: With Axure you can create prototypes very easily and has a sliding interface that allows you to document everything gradually. A trial version is available on the site, the paid versions range from $ 29 per month.
  4. – Thanks to this tool you can draw, share, and add notes to projects.
  5. – It integrates with various tools such as Google Drive allows exports in different formats, but you can not do usability tests 

The best apps for UX and UI 

  1. Paypal: On this app the password is simplicity. Very easy to use and very simple design, which is always useful for an excellent User Experience
  1. Eventbrite: This app allows you to easily find events in your area. The design is very simple to use and visibly pleasing. The interface is convenient to use both for those who organize the event and for those looking for.

The UX evolves every day, so it is important to stay updated on the latest news. 

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