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Video Conferencing Services

What is a video call?  A video call (or even video call and video conference)is a call made with programs or apps that provide video as well as audio support. In this period, with Covid-19, their use has literally exploded, today the communication platforms are used by private individuals to communicate with friends and relatives, …


CRM vs. ERP: what startups need the most?

What is CRM: CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a strategy for managing all the relationships and interactions of a company that take place with potential and existing customers. A CRM system helps companies stay in touch with customers, simplify processes and improve profitability. When we talk about CRM, we usually refer to a CRM …

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Everything About Data

Data is the set of techniques and methodologies that have as their object the extraction of useful information from large quantities of data through automatic or semi-automatic methods and the scientific, corporate / industrial or operational use of them. The statistic can otherwise be defined as “extraction of useful information from datasets”. The concept of …


What is Telehealth?

What is Health Tech: Health Tech is the set of medical and IT techniques that allow the treatment of a patient from a distance or more generally to provide remote health services. In the context of clinical diagnostics, it is possible for a doctor to make the diagnosis on a patient who is not physically …


Smart working: How to organize it better

With the Covid-19 emergency, it has become necessary for many companies to activate the smart working mode. In this article, we explain what it is and how it works What is Smart Working: Smart Working is a new managerial philosophy based on giving people back flexibility and autonomy in choosing spaces, times and tools to …


How important is Design and UX for a mobile app

The visual and practical navigation experience is a factor that has a lot of grip on people and directly affects the conversion possibilities. For this the sites should take care of both the user experience and the user interface, to ensure users a pleasant and intuitive browsing experience. What is UX Design UX Design (User …


The most common Cyber ​​Security risks for companies in 2020

Cyber ​​risks increase with the increase and spread of legacy systems and data centers, public cloud services and SaaS applications. In 2020, the main cyber risk carriers will continue to be emails and applications open to the Internet. According to experts, computer viruses conveyed by email are evolving rapidly and hackers find new methods every …


Why Pyhton has become such a popular language

Python what it is used for Python is a language for machine learning. Most machine learning courses have been written using the Python language and coding education as a whole has adopted Python as the language to be learned, with extensive use in small computer courses such as Raspberry Pi (AMD) or others core. Instagram …


The most successful apps in the circular economy and in clean tech

Circular economy, what is it?  The circular economy is a generic term to define an economy designed to be able to regenerate itself. In a circular economy, the flows of materials are of two types: biological ones, capable of being reintegrated into the biosphere, and technical ones, destined to be re-valued without entering the biosphere …

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Understanding CRM Automation

CRM Automation  Customer Relation Management and Software, these two seemingly independent words have with the dawn of the internet and the rise of online business become so incredibly intertwined that whenever we mention CRM, it almost always includes Software.  CRM Origins  Pinpointing when exactly CRM was first invented is a challenge. If we talk about …