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Artificial intelligence to optimize the relationship with customers

Artificial Intelligence is no longer something remote and from science fiction, it has become part of our lives and will increasingly be a daily tool both in businesses and in personal life.  Real-time artificial intelligence is a way of completely transforming the customer experience. The highly personalized customer interactions are theoretically the optimal approach. AI …

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Machine Learning as a new brain for the business

We currently live in the data era, in which a large amount of it is collected and stored every day. In the time this article was written: • There are 4,156,513,325 users on the Internet, it would take more than 128 years to count them. • 1,755,606,975 websites on the Internet. • 168.673.726.872 e-mails sent …

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Best development languages in 2019

Dart and Flutter ranked #1 and #2 for the fastest-growing language and open source projects. Over the past year, worldwide developers collaborated in more than 370 primary languages on GitHub.  Among the top 10 programming languages, C#, Python and Shell climbed the list this year, while Ruby and Java fell in popularity. That’s according to …

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3 steps to Cyber Security for your business

Every year the Internet is being used by more people and with the IoT, Machine Learning and RPA uprising businesses are more eager to innovate and digitize in order to remain competitive. At the same time companies face the risk of cyber attacks to their own Intellectual Properties and Sensitive Data. Developing a cyber security …

FinTech and TechFin difference

The difference between Fintech & Techfin

The banking industry is evolving at an increasing pace. For the past few years, banks and financial organizations have gone through drastic changes. Recently financial institutions and FinTech startups initiated their cooperation that will bring them to some economic growth. At the same time, dozens of Tech companies are offering various financial solutions that are …

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Problems and opportunities for banks in the digital era

Today we live in a global era when the banking system is already starting to fail. Banks are local, and the network is global. This requires a certain digital step from the banking industry. Digitalization means rethinking the bank in the realities of the Internet era. It is changing the business model and corporate culture …

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Key Project Management Methods for software development

The success of any serious project depends on the methods used to manage it. All projects are unique, and there is no universal project management methodology yet. Each software development team has its own approach to project management. And there are no methods that are suitable for any team. However, over a long time that …

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing changing Healthcare industry

As a technology, natural language processing has developed and came into life with products such as Siri, Alexa and Google’s voice search. Employment of NLP helped to understand and respond to user requests. Today’s natural language processing systems can analyze unlimited amounts of text-based data without fatigue. And make the industry more efficient in a …

agile methodology

Agile methodology: Advantages and Disadvantages

Agile, which appeared as a method of software development in a small team 10-15 years ago. Today it is becoming a new cultural management system for companies. Agile methodology is an innovative rethinking approach to creating a new product or service. It is based on a very simple idea: each participant of the process, each …

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Best approaches how to monitor software development projects

Knowing how to correctly evaluate the duration of the project will help to maintain a stable development process. On the stage of the formation of the project framework and analysis of requirements, this knowledge will be very helpful. Let’s take a closer look at best approaches for time-management. They will help you monitor your software …