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A powerful dashboard for the financial industry

The story DomFin is a company from Italy that provides lending solutions for borrowers (enterprises and individuals). Our client’s product helps end customers meet the financial needs by offering financial services including credit scores, wide lines of credit, merchant cash advance, equipment borrowing, and business loans. DomFin employed a SaaS lending platform that handles everything …

data science jobs

What will be the impact of COVID 19 on Data Science related jobs?

1. Despite the impact of Covid, We have years of growing opportunities Since 2013, data science job postings have increased by 256 percent—but even crazier: growth is still continuing. In 2019, there was a 31% increase in data science job postings compared to the previous year. At the same time, people have heard good things …


Shift-Left Testing: What It Is and How It Works

Read this interesting article by Nightfall! This article was originally published at nightfall.ai“, together with the link to the original piece: https://nightfall.ai/shift-left-testing-what-it-is-and-how-it-works. If your development team isn’t yet using shift-left testing, you could be wasting time, money, and energy. Teams that practice shift-left testing are able to identify potential roadblocks early in the process, change …

handoop vs spark

Handoop VS Spark: Features & Compatibility

Big Data has led to business growth in all industries spreading a powerful wisdom for the decision making process. Of all the tools that process Big Data, Hadoop MapReduce and Apache Spark attract the attention of the data experts and companies. In this article, we’ll learn the key differences between Hadoop and Spark and when …

differences between streaming and ETL

Streaming VS Loading: The modern way of Data Transformation

With the rapid development of computing capabilities and storage techniques, there is no doubt that we are facing a series of opportunities and challenges brought about by the data era. The new data-based trend not only spreads wisdom into decision-making and performance improvement but also poses a great threat to traditional data processing techniques. Data …


Differences between Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform

Businesses around the world have moved from self-hosted infrastructure to public cloud configurations. While most businesses will always need on-premise technology, they are developing their applications directly in the cloud. This allows development teams to focus on the product, rather than having to work on the infrastructure to support the application. By moving to the …


Why plugins are becoming so critical for website

A plugin is a program that does not act autonomously but supports other programs with the aim of improving and expanding their functions. They are pieces of code or programs that interact with other programs. For example, the most used and known plugin is the one, usually inserted at the end of web pages, which …


Prop Tech – The biggest tech innovations in Real Estate during COVID

What does PropTech mean? The term PropTech, Property, and Technology, has grown significantly in terms of Google search volumes. Since 2016, the phenomenon seems to explode worldwide, with peaks in popularity in Singapore, in the United Kingdom, in Switzerland. Protects are high-tech startups that exploit the opportunities offered by digital, artificial intelligence, and big data …


Which are the key trends in Adtech

What are the main trends in ad tech and the best marketing strategies to guarantee exclusive shopping experiences, retain existing customers, and reach potential ones through multiple digital channels? Tactics that work Marketers face three main challenges in conversion campaigns: being able to unify fragmented data, due to the variety of channels and devices used, …


How fintech is changing the payments industry

Cash is currently the most common form of payment, but with technological evolution and new approaches in the banking world, the growth of digital systems is accelerating. Forecasts speak of an increase in global volumes of 10.9% by 2020, the year in which 726 billion transactions will be reached. Home automation, always-on mobile connections, Fintech …